Why NO Credit Cards

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but at present we unfortunately cannot accept or charge ANY credit/debit cards for these type of products. We are not sure when or if we will have that option.

There is an issue with the card companies themselves and their very strict rules and regulations on these type of products… and not with us. The bottom line is they do not want to accept payments for these “type of products”. If you feel this is unfair or discriminatory you would have every right to feel that way. (Anyone currently accepting credit cards for these type of products, are doing so without the major credit card companies knowledge).

Hence, we offer either E-check or Genie “Pay-by-Check” payments, which are all totally safe and secure payment processing solutions for these type of products.  Nonetheless we will continue to work on hopefully providing you with other options in the future.  You can also pay via “MAIL ORDER FORM” and send us a check or money order if that works better for you.

Please remember:

1) that E-check is just as safe as any other check you have ever written.

2) that when you choose Genie “Pay-by-Check” you leave our website and are taken to Genie’s secure banking website server and your transaction is authorized through you acknowledging the transaction via text or email. No one ever gets or receives your personal banking information and Genie is a trusted payment processor.