Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours if I want to talk to a live person?
Our office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time, Monday thru Thursday and 9:00 AM to Noon on Fridays. Someone is always here during those hours. Our phone number is 760-321-3092 and works from anywhere in the United States.

Issue Creating Account or Issue with Login?
Firstly, let us say, we are here to help with any problem you might experience. The most common issue is not completing the account creation step fully or correctly. To complete “Create Account” you MUST click the ‘Activation Link’ that is emailed to you, in order for your account to be activated and to be able to Login. If for whatever reason you have any issue creating an account or with Login, please CONTACT US, so that we may quickly rectify any issue swiftly for you.

Can I order products over the phone?
Yes. Just make your selection and then give us a call at 760 321-3092.  We are in the offices from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time, Monday thru Thursday and until Noon on Fridays.  Offices are closed on weekends and holidays.  When you call and tell us what you want to order, we will tell you your order total with shipping.  You then have various options with which to make your payment – CLICK HERE for Phone ORDER Payment Options!

Alternatively you can also order via MAIL ORDER FORM. Please CLICK HERE to request a MAIL ORDER FORM in PDF format.

What PAYMENT options do you offer to customers?
We currently offer 4 types of payment options to customers:
1) Pay Online or by Phone using E-CHECK with safe and secure SSL 256-bit encrypted payment processing service.
2) Pay Online, by BILL PAY Add us as a Payee on your bank’s BILL PAY. Depending on what bank you use, select to send Electronically (within 24 hours) or otherwise the bank mails a guaranteed check so there is Zero Hold Time. Simply choose BILL PAY at check out and then follow the instructions given to you to go to your own online bank or banking APP to send us a BILL PAY Payment – it’s totally safe and is just like sending us a “Cashiers Check” as payment!
3) Pay Online, by Phone or by Mail Order with CHECK or POSTAL ORDER.
To pay with “Mail Order Form” – CLICK HERE to request Mail Order Form!

Why NO CREDIT CARDS, PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, Apple Pay ???
Unfortunately, the major credit card companies do not wish to accept payments for these type of products. When and if this bad policy changes and we are able to secure credit card processing or other payment methods for out customers, it will then be added, however at this time we are unable to offer these payment options due to strict rules and regulations.

Do you accept personal checks?
Yes but keep in mind that it is necessary for us to hold your order until the check clears your bank. In most cases that may delay shipment by a few days once payment is received.  It’s always better to send a money order in which case shipping occurs immediately we receive your order. Please CLICK HERE  to request a MAIL ORDER FORM in PDF format.

Can I get a MAIL ORDER Form?
Yes we happily provide a blank MAIL ORDER form for our customers, which you can print out and complete and send in with your order, if you wish to order the “Old Fashion Way” by mail. Please CLICK HERE  to request a MAIL ORDER FORM in PDF format.

When I place an order online, how long after placing it before my account will be charged?
1) When choosing “E-CHECK”, as soon as you click “Submit”, your information and name and address information is transmitted SAFE & SECURITY through 256-bit SSL encrypted transmission immediately to  our online E-Check payment processors for verification. They then approve or decline the sale. If your order is approved you will receive a confirmation via an email that your order information was correct and has been transmitted to the processor. E-Check payments then also go through a second verification process with your bank, for safety and security reasons. If all the information is correct, the payment processor then issues a check to be sent to our bank. So payments via E-Check can take a few days before they actually show at your bank. (If you are a NEW customer to using Echeck it can take upto 7 days for the funds to clear, if you are an existing customer who has used E-checks before this will be much faster and clear quicker.)
2) When choosing “BILL PAY Payment”, as soon as you click “Submit”, your order is transmitted SAFE & SECURITY through to us and held on a “ON HOLD” status until we receive your payment. You must then go to your online bank or banking APP and send your BILL PAY payment manually yourself, made payable to: YAY CO
1717 E. Vista Chino Road, Ste A7-202, Palm Springs, CA 92262
Your Account #: This is your Full Name

Depending on what bank you use, you can select to send your BILL PAY Electronically (within 24 hours) or otherwise your bank sends the payment by mail which generally takes 3 – 5 business days for payment to arrive with us. Once we have received your payment your order is then changed to “Processing” Status and shipped out immediately.
3) When choosing “CHECK & POSTAL ORDER Payment”, as soon as you click “Submit”, your order is transmitted SAFE & SECURITY through to us and held on a “ON HOLD” status. You must then send your payment manually yourself made payable to: YAY CO
1717 E. Vista Chino Road, Ste A7-202, Palm Springs, CA 92262

(Once we have received your payment your order is then changed to “Processing” Status and shipped out if we receive the payment before Noon PST. Otherwise is ships the very next business day.)

What does it mean when my order status is “PENDING” or “ON HOLD” ?
If you look at your “LIST ORDERS” at the top of your account screen and your order status states “PENDING” or “ON HOLD” this means that your order is still in the processing stage. This often happens because of one of the following reasons:
1) when you pay via E-CHECK the payment processor goes through a verification process to ensure your bank accepts Echecks and also to check that there is no negative information that would prevent the payment from being accepted when sent to your bank. Once that process has been done successfully, the payment processor then prints a check and sends it to our bank for depositing. At the same time they change your order to a status of “processing”.
2) when you pay via BILL PAY Payment your order will show as “ON HOLD” until we receive your Payment (Generally if your bank sent the payment electronically within 24 hours or if they sent it by mail it would be 3 – 5 business days). When we receive your payment, your order is then changed from “ON HOLD” to “Processing”.
3) when you pay via CHECK or POSTAL ORDER Payment your order will show as “ON HOLD” until we receive your Payment. When we receive your payment, your order is then changed from “ON HOLD” to “Processing”.

Please be aware: Our accounts department can only dispatch and ship orders upon confirmation of cleared funds. If you are NEW customer it may take up to 4 days for your bank to process your payment and it show on your account and this may delay your order being dispatched and shipped until the funds have cleared.
If you are an existing customer to and have a good payment record, this slight delay will not happen, your order would normally ship within 24 to 48 hours.

If you are having an issue with being able to purchase, please follow these helpful tips:

1) Ensure you are logged into your account. (If not LOGIN to your account, or Create an Account)
2) Choose and add items to your cart that you wish to order.
3) When you are ready to checkout, Click on the ‘CART’ icon in the top right hand corner of your screen and then Click ‘Show Cart’ to go to checkout.
4) Then on the checkout screen, select a shipping option from the list of shipping options provided; USPS, Fedex etc and then Click ‘Save” to save your chosen shipping option.
5) Next Choose your preferred payment method and enter your payment information, and Click ‘Save’.
6) Next Enter any notes or comments you wish to leave and send to us.
7) Then most important Click and CHECK ‘Terms of Service’, (Your order will not process until you have done all the above and also agreed to our terms of service).
8) Lastly Click “Confirm Purchase’ and submit your order.
If you have done everything as listed above your purchase should process and you will receive a confirmation email of what you have ordered. Once your order is being processed you will also receive another Confirmation INVOICE Receipt of your order that it is being processed. Once the order ships you will also receive a tracking notice and email of your shipment.

When I place an order online , how long before it ships?
In most cases, for repeat regular customers, orders are usually shipped within 24 to 48 hours during normal business days. Please always allow enough time for your order to be processed and shipped.
If you are a new customer to the website and using E-Check for the first time, please allow up to 4 days for your order to process and the funds have cleared with your bank, before we are able to ship your order. If you are a regular repeat customer with a proven good payment record this will be much faster and your order would ship withing 24 to 48 hours.
[ Please be aware that although we keep reasonable levels of stock [kept in climate cooled conditions] we do not keep large quantities of product on hand, and this is so products always remain “fresh” to our customers. Though we receive weekly deliveries direct from the manufacturers, you should always allow sufficient amount of time for your order to be filled. If an extended delay is expected we will either inform you right away or remove the item from stock and refund you. ]

What if a Product goes “OUT-OF-STOCK” after ordering ?
If an item goes “Out-of-Stock” after ordering we will attempt to do our due diligence to contact you by email or phone or both, to inquire :
1) if you want to wait until it comes back in stock, or
2) if you wish to substitute the item for something else of a similar size and price.
If we do NOT get a response from you or are unable to contact you, we reserve the right to substitute the “Out-of-Stock” product for a product of similar size and price, so that your order can be shipped out in reasonable time, in accordance with payment processors rules and regulations of fair practices.

Are packages shipped discretely ?
Yes, all packages are shipped discretely in plain brown boxes or standard boxes provided by our carriers, there are no identifying marks on the outside of the package as to what is in the package.

What about International Shipping ?

We regret but unfortunately we do not currently offer international shipping to other countries. All products on this website are for USA customers only.

Is it safe to send my information over the internet?
Absolutely! Our online processors use the latest state of the art encryption technology. Your order is transmitted to them electronically through our safe and secure 256-Bit encryption SSL server. Once processed which is usually within a minute or two, you will receive your email confirmation of the order. When we receive your order, your personal information will have been completely removed for your security.  No one at HisAromas collects or see’s your personal payment information.

Do you have a physical store ?
No we do not have a showroom, retail outlet or storefront, we are entirely an online only website business.

Do you have a print catalog?
No not at the present time. Due to the nature of our business in guaranteeing the lowest prices anywhere and adding new products all the time, it is almost impossible to publish a print catalog that is always up-to-date. Our online catalog is our most current catalog.

Are you going to sell my name or telephone to marketing companies?
Absolutely NOT. We NEVER release any information about our customers to any person or any company. Your identity is totally protected by us. Additionally, we do not do any telemarketing or mailing through the post office with our customer list. Therefore, you are not going to get bombarded with phone calls or mailings. We respect your privacy and confidentiality. We do a weekly e-mail newsletter to announce our specials and new products and savings coupons.

What is your product guarantee?
We guarantee all of our products unconditionally against defects and will replace them free of charge. Defective products must be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery. If you receive a defective product we will replace it for the same item. If you receive a defective product, call us immediately and we will arrange to have it replaced. On certain items, once used, they cannot be returned. For more information check out our Returns and Exchange Policy