Due to the type of products we sell there are currently ONLY 4 different secure and safe ways to pay:


We accept E-Checks via the Green Money payment gateway system or eDebitDirect payment gateway system

Green Money or eDebitDirect payment options

An E-Check is an electronic version of a paper check that is used to make payments online. Anyone with a checking account can pay for their order with an E-Check. It’s very fast, simple and secure way to pay. The same security is used as if you were paying with a credit card.

To pay with E-Check, all you need is your bank’s routing number and account number which can be found on a check. If you aren’t sure of your bank’s routing number and/or your account number, please contact your bank for assistance before starting your E-Check transaction.

Important Notes regarding the use of E-Check for Payments:

  • Prior to paying for your order via E-Check, we advise verifying that your bank allows this type of transaction.
  • If you are paying with an E-Check, the name and billing address for your order must match the same on the bank account you are using for payment.
  • The 1st time that you pay using E-Check, your order may be held for up to 7 business days pending payment clearance that funds have been deposited in our  account. Once we are notified the funds have cleared, your order is immediately shipped.
    If we are waiting for your payment to clear: PLEASE HELP speed the process by emailing us a physical copy of the actual Check image [“Jpeg” format] when it clears your bank on your end. These payments clear on your end first before they clear on our end – this means your order will go out sooner!
    EXISTING REPEAT customers who have used Echeck payments before do not experience a delay, orders normally ship within 24 to 48 hours, as your bank and the payment processor are used to you using E-checks and you have a track record of using E-Checks with them.
Please be aware: Check images appear in your bank account when they have actually been cleared by your bank and once cleared are referred to as a (Cleared/Cancelled Check) so they can not be presented again. A cleared check image is your proof of what has been deducted from your account and paid. Banks are required to keep copies of cleared/cancelled checks for up to 7 years and are your proof of payment and can be requested from your bank if they do not automatically provide and show them for free.

Add us as a Payee on your bank’s BILL PAY. Depending on what bank you use you can select “Electronically (Sent within 24 Hours)” or otherwise the bank mails a guaranteed check so there is Zero Hold Time.

How Does Online BILL PAY Work?

When you use your bank’s online BILL PAY, depending on what bank you use, the payment can be sent Electronically (usually within 24 hours) or otherwise your bank will cut a check and put it in an envelope, and mail it to anyone in the United States—for free!

Using online BILL PAY to pay for these type of goods, is smart and safer for you! You never have to write a check again—you just click a few buttons instead. Plus, you save money by eliminating the expense of paper checks, envelopes, and stamps—not to mention the fact that you are not giving out your payment details online and YOU remain in full control of your money at all times because it is you sending the payment via a few simple clicks.

Hence when paying via “BILL PAY”
it’s just like sending someone a “CASHIERS CHECK”!

Directions if you are sending us a BILL PAY payment:

For anyone wishing to sending payments to us using the BILL PAY service of your own bank, you must first LOGIN to your online banking or Banking APP and send us your payment to the following:

Make ALL payments payable to: YAY CO
1717 E Vista Chino Road A7-202, Palm Springs CA 92262.
Tel: 760-321-3092
Your account # is your Full Name.

Depending on what bank you use you can select to send the BILL Payment Electronically (within 24 hours) or otherwise your bank will mail the check to us which typically takes 3 – 5 business days to arrive.

We accept personal checks, money orders and cashier’s checks as payment for your order.

If you choose this option during checkout, you will get an email with further instructions immediately after we send your order confirmation.

Important Regarding Payment by Check, Postal Order or Cashiers Check

  • If you are paying by check, the name and billing address for your order must match the information on the check. Any discrepancies could cause your order to be delayed or cancelled
  • Your account profile must contain a phone number and email address if using a check to pay for your order, so we are able to contact you if necessary.  Checks will not be accepted for payment on any account that does not contain a valid phone number and email address.

Directions if you are sending us a Check, Postal Order or Cashiers Check payment:

Make ALL payments payable to: YAY CO
1717 E Vista Chino Road, Ste a7-202, Palm Springs, CA 92262.
Tel: 760-321-3092

NOTE: Any returned / bounced payments are subject to a $12.00 charge-back service fee and your account will be “Locked” until any outstanding debts are cleared and paid in full. We will make several attempts to resolve outstanding returned E-Check issues prior to turning the matter over to collections.

Please be aware:

Unfortunately, due to strictly enforced rules and regulations the following types of payment methods prohibit sales transactions for Aromas & Solvents at this time:

  • Credit & Debit Cards
  • Zelle
  • CashApp or Apple Pay
  • Venmo or PayPal