Genie Gateway

THE NEW WAY TO PAY! Genie is a huge trusted payment processing network, enabling payments through a Totally Safe and Secure SSL payment gateway, using the latest patented encrypted technology without having to share your information with anyone.

Genie - Pay By Check

NOTE: You only have to enter your payment information the FIRST TIME you visit the Genie Gateway, then all future purchases you simply ONLY have to click “OK” to authorize the transaction !

Unlike using traditional EChecks which requires customers to give out personal information INSTEAD when using Genie Gateways “PAY BY CHECK” option customers are always safe and secure because they never share their personal information with anyone.

You can purchase with entire confidence as Genie Gateway has been around for over 20 years and was incorporated in 1996 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Genie Gateway is a subsidiary of AllCom. A world leader in communications.

Genie Gateway holds the Key to unlocking a “Wide-Range of Payment Opportunities” by using its patented technology to create a unique environment where customers can communicate and send payments, in real-time through High Speed Internet, Telecommunications and eCommerce, all integrated together into a unified payment platform solution.

Genie Gateway focuses on under-served businesses and consumers who need real modern day secure results, by Consolidating Merchant Services, Telecommunications, and High Speed Internet services into a forward-looking platform that blends all those services and technology into one seamless service that customers can rely on and have total control over. Genie Gateway is aimed squarely at providing both businesses and individuals with a fully rounded service for both internet orders and phone orders, in a totally safe and secure SSL encrypted environment.

Using Genie Gateway – buyers NO longer need to provide SENSITIVE personal information to us to make a payment, instead it is all verified via your own smartphone/text message or thru your own private email account using Genie’s patented Secure SSL encrypted communications network. IT’S THE SMART NEW WAY TO PAY! Customers ONLY need their cell number, and “Click to OK” their purchase on their cell phone.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are NEW customer to GENIE payment processing, it may take upto 4 days for your bank to process the payment and it show on your account and this may delay your order being dispatched and shipped until the funds have cleared.
If you are an existing customer to and have used GENIE payments before and have a good payment record with GENIE payment processing, this slight delay will not happen, your order would normally ship within 24 to 48 hours.