Are Aromas SAFE?

First you must understand that of the substances that are commonly referred to as poppers or aromas, typically amyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite or isopentyl nitrite, are usually advertised and sold as “liquid incense” or “leather cleaner” as well as a whole manner of other things. Although these descriptions are technically correct (yes, they can clean leather etc), this is typically not what most people usually buy poppers for.

Our point is, regardless of whether you refer to poppers as Leather Cleaner, Liquid Incense, or some other name, you should stay safe – so do read on before taking any.

The common known risks are; you should be aware that the most important thing is that inhaling poppers will cause a relatively short-lived but fairly swift drop in your blood pressure. Consequently, and even more important, you should never use poppers with any other substance that will cause that same effect or cause an adverse effect – and NEVER use with any drug or stimulants that are for erectile dysfunction.

It goes without saying you should NOT use poppers if you, for whatever medical reason, suffer from low blood pressure or are taking medicines that cause low blood pressure.

Poppers are well known to increase your actual heart rate (Thus the effect of a head rush as more blood is quickly pumped into your brain), so you are strongly advised to stay safe and give poppers a miss if you suffer from any cardiovascular type condition or other irregularities.

What is the Safety Record?
Other than what is explained above, poppers are relatively safe as far as any other compound substance goes. To reaffirm this; In a 2006 article published in London’s THE INDEPENDENT titled ‘Drugs: the real deal’, it was revealed that the first ranking based upon scientific evidence of harm to both individuals and society, devised by British-government advisers, showed that “Poppers” pose little potential harm to individuals.

Government advice aside, there are some things you should definitely not do with poppers. It’s all relative common sense, but let’s list the main potential hazards anyway—

1) Not for human consumption. You will find this warning on any and all bottles and all websites that sell this. Basically, if you drink poppers, you may die.
2) Flammable. Simply put Poppers and fire do not mix. They are highly flammable. So never put near a naked flame.
3) Skin irritant. Poppers can irritate your skin if you spill it over yourself by accident. If you do splash yourself by accident, then wash with plenty of water as soon as possible. Avoid all contact with your eyes – the damage could prove irreversible.

Poppers are not known to be physically addictive in nature because nitrites basically leave the body quickly, well before there is any chance of developing a dependency. So indulge at your leisure or as often as you like. However, if you do happen to overdo it, as it were, you might experience — a headache, or dizziness. If that does happen, simply take several deep breaths of fresh air by opening a window or by stepping outside. The side effects rarely last more than a few minutes.

Last but not least please note that poppers can and have been known to impair a persons judgment. Euphoria is the common word for this, and you may well end up doing stuff you wouldn’t otherwise do — like possibly “risky sex” that is not your normal behavior. So know the facts and be an informed adult when using poppers!

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