10 Things You Should Know About Poppers

Many people take them casually. Some people are even addicted to them. A few of us don’t have sex unless we’re using them. Aromas / Poppers.

They are a common entity in the gay community, and something a number of people use to get a head rush during sex and relax  our anus. So what are poppers, really? What is this weird smelling liquid a lot of people love to inhale?

So the word “poppers” is actually just slang for alkyl nitrites or Isobutyl Nitrite, or in the case of sprays Ethyl Chloride (Chloroethane).

This typically includes the sphincter muscles in your anus, which is why most people loosen up right after inhalation.

Muscles around the body relax, as blood vessels begin to dilate, which results in the increase of heart rate and blood flow throughout the body. This is what leads to the feeling of euphoria you get after using them, according to The Good Drugs Guide.

In the ’70s and ’80s, gay men would sniff poppers at gay clubs to enhance the music while dancing and get high. In the ’90s, poppers were commonly used in the gay rave scene. Today, however, poppers have become more popularized, and more widely used in both the gay world and in the straight world, both  recreation-ally (and during sex too).

NEVER use poppers and Viagra at the same time. Both Viagra and poppers cause a person’s blood pressure to drop.  The combination can result in fainting, stroke, or a heart attack/death, so never put yourself at this risk.

That may sounds obvious, but some people have ingested poppers, usually accidentally, and that can be very serious or fatal and cause death, so NEVER swallow or ingest.

Compare to the roughly 10 percent of American adults (and rising) who report smoking marijuana in the past year. As far as recreational drugs go, poppers use isn’t that popular, even though it’s legal and commonly used in the gay community, only about 5 percent of the general population actually use poppers. This is because gay men predominantly use poppers and that percentage roughly reflects the number of gay men in the population.

Yes, poppers are legal in the united states, even though credit card companies like to class them as a pharma or pharmaceutical or controlled substance. Poppers containing alkyl nitrites or others are readily available at  retailers in the United States and may be purchased legally. In retail formulations they are sold as video head cleaners, polish removers, professional cleaning solutions or room odorizers. Customers can then buy them either for the legitimate commercial use or for personal use.

In 2013, Canada cracked down on the distribution of poppers, warning that sales of poppers could lead to a three-year jail sentence or a $5,000 fine, according to DailyXtra.com.

Like any drug, there are some negative side effects from taking poppers. The main short term ones are light headedness/headache and occasional dizziness or fainting. Long term side effects include eye damage or loss of eyesight “Poppers Maculopathy” and extremely high doses can potentially lead to the fatal “‘methaemoglobinaemia’” where blood is unable to carry oxygen to cells in the body. (It’s like what happens with Carbon Monoxide poisoning), LGBT Foundation reports.

Amyl Nitrite was originally a prescription drug in 1937 and remained until 1960, but in 1960, the FDA removed the prescription due to the fact that it’s relatively safe. In 1969, however, it was reinstated as a prescription drug.
HOWEVER, today most poppers you can buy contain alkyl nitrites and NOT amyl nitrite. Most sex shops or online retailers that sell these products are all sold legally, and are advertised as nail polish remover (or something else along those lines).

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