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Terms of service


When you order from our website, you can be assured that your payment information and other personal information is secure and protected. HisAromas uses the most secure encrypted SSL technology available to ensure that when your order is transmitted to our online payment processor, and then to us, your transaction is kept safe from prying eyes. Once your transaction has been processed and is emailed to us, your personal payment information is stripped for security reasons while traveling to us. Many times customers will email or call us, place an order and tell us to use the payment information on file but we are NOT able to do that because we do NOT receive your payment information and do NOT have it. All of our computer systems are protected by firewalls to prevent un-authorized entry to the data. All computers in our office are equipped with virus protection to prevent unwanted virus's from possibly entering our computers. In addition, we check daily for security updates and patches to ensure all our computers remain fully protected. Our management and employees constantly undergo training and re-training regarding in house security procedures as well as online security procedures. No customer information ever leaves our premises. Our physical offices are monitored and recorded 24 hours a day by a video cameras and access is restricted only to authorized individuals.

You may feel secure and confident when placing your order with us online knowing that we are doing everything possible to guarantee your security and privacy. HisAromas believes in your absolute privacy. Not only because of the nature of our products but because we believe in your right to privacy.

We never give, sell, or release any information about our customers.


Credit Card purchases will appear on statements as: EE PAYMENT 800-673-5320


We DO add our customers to our own internal email database so we can contact you about sales or specials when they arise. If you do not wish to be added to our email database......simply tell us, and we'll be more than happy to remove you. Or, if you are placing your first order, simply tell us you do not want to be placed on our email list.


We ship very discreetly.  All shipments are in plain brown boxes or boxes provided by the carrier we use. Our return address does not indicate the nature of the articles inside.  There is no indication on the outside of the package as to the contents. We offer USPS Priority Mail or Fedex as our delivery options. You will be notified when your order has shipped with a tracking number, so that you may track your package. FOR U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY - NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING 


We request telephone numbers with orders, but they are only used in the event their is a problem with the order. If we have to call, our people are trained in discretion. If you ever have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to call at 760 321-3092, we are always happy to be of any help or assistance whenever we can.


You accept and acknowledge that our stated price guarantee, and stated terms of service, or other statements as provided in writing by a member of our staff or management, are all done so in the very best of good faith and nothing further is implied or given. However, you further accept we reserve the right to change, update or improve any of these terms of service, statements or guarantee's at any time for your benefit.


You accept our "returns & exchanges policy" as it is listed on our site. Your further accept that if you do receive a defective item that you will contact us immediately or call us at 760-321-3092 and speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives within 15 days of purchase. You also accept and acknowledge that we can not accept returns, exchanges or give refunds if;
a) you simply do not like a product
b) if the product has been used in any way
c) If the product has come into contact with any bodily fluids (To ensure health and safety)
You also accept that we reserve the right to change, update or improve our "returns & exchanges policy" at any time for the benefit all concerned.


Chargebacks are taken extremely seriously (A chargeback occurs either when a customer disputes a charge to their account or when their account has insufficient funds, in either case the customers bank will then charge back the transaction amount to the merchant [HisAromas] and the merchant will also be charged a returned item fee of $100.00).
Please be aware of the following;
a) HisAromas will make every effort to avoid chargebacks and collect on outstanding debts by providing supporting documentation to the issuing bank that the customer did in fact order and receive the goods they purchased and as necessary resubmit the outstanding charge to your bank or seek all alternative methods to clear the debt you owe to HisAromas .
b) If a chargeback is initiated by you or your bank, the "returned item" bank fee of $100.00 you will also be liable for.
c) Your account on the HisAromas.com website will be placed on a temporary "block", (at the discretion of management) until the outstanding debt is paid and cleared in full.
d) If a chargeback is initiated by you or your bank, and any outstanding debt or balance is not paid or cleared by you within a reasonable amount of time, we reserve the right to pass your outstanding debt or balance over to collections, and/or take court action to collect.
e) We reserve the right to also report any outstanding debts to the 3 major credit bureau's, which may adversely effect your credit.


You understand, acknowledge and accept that Liquid Aromas products on this site are sold as professional solvent cleaning solution ONLY which are NOT for human consumption, and should only be used in strict accordance to the manufacturers' instructions. Your acknowledge that these products are not to being sold as inhalants, or for any other use not recommended by the manufacturer. Severe Eye Irritant: In case of eye contact flush with water. Harmful if Swallowed. You understand we prohibit sales to anyone who indicates to us they intend to misuse these products as inhalants. Some of these products are flammable: Do not use near fire or flame. You further acknowledge the misuse/abuse of any solvent cleaner combined with prescription drugs can cause a sever drop in blood pressure and other ailments and can even result in death. You as the "Buyer" assume all risks and liabilities with the use of these products and holds HisAromas, its owners, employees, and contractors harmless. You understand and accept that None of our products are sold as inhalants and None are sold for human consumption.
You further understand the term "Aromas" on this site refers entirely to "chemical solvent solution for the cleaning of specialized products only".

You affirm and assert that you are over the age of 21 years and are fully responsible for your own actions and are agreeing to the above "Terms of Service" as they are stated. You as the "Buyer" assume ALL risks and liabilities and holds HisAromas, its owners, employees, and contractors harmless.